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Speed Cleaning™ Pro Scrub 32 oz. (squirt top)

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Finally, a hard-working liquid scrubbing cleanser that doesn't scratch surfaces.

Pro Scrub and other liquid scrubbing cleansers are great for making short work of dirt and grime on kitchen and bathroom porcelain. They're convenient, they clean well, and they rinse easily--but most of the others scratch the porcelain. That's because they contain abrasive silica, which is actually a form of sand!

We set out to find a liquid scrubber that has professional cleaning power but doesn't scratch surfaces. It took some doing, but here it is. Pro Scrub is the tough yet tender way to tackle sink, tub, stove top, and tile stains. It contains calcium carbonate, which is like chalk dust. This mild abrasive cuts through grime, but unlike the silica found in other liquid (and powdered) cleaners, it doesn't scratch. So leave the sand at the beach. With Pro Scrub you can rub-a-dub without scratching the tub.

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