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Vacuum Extension Wands (4 Pack) Color: Black

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The smart way to remove high cobwebs and dust is to vacuum them away.

Vacuuming actually removes cobwebs and dust from a surface rather than just moving those things around. But most high dust and cobwebs are out of reach of our vacuum cleaner. Add these handy extension wands to the end of your existing wand and suddenly you can reach the most inaccessible areas to clean easily and thoroughly. We also use them outdoors to vacuum the porch ceiling and under the eaves of the house, in the garage and even deck overhangs or anywhere dirt and debris was previously out of reach. These Vacuum Extension Wands fit our Big Vac, our Little Vac and any other vacuum with 1" inside diameter wands. Add a set of 4 of them to the 2 wands you already have with your Big Vac or other vacuum to reach 8' plus your own height. Unbreakable plastic, grey. Each wand is 19".

They do not fit power heads, they are made to attach to existing wands as extension only, not as replacement.

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