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Spring Clean Bathroom Kit

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Nitrile Glove Sizes

- 1 Bottle of Scum Bum 16 oz. Ready-To-Use w/sprayer
- 1 pair of Nitrile Gloves
- 2 Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths
- 1 Microfiber Cleaning/Dusting Cloth
- 1 Toilet Brush (NO CADDY)
- 1 White Professional Toothbrush
- 1 Pumice Stick w/handle

You may not be a professional cleaner, but why shouldn't your home look like it was cleaned and sanitized by one?

Struggling with stuck-on scale and hard-water deposits? Rust stains? Don't scrub them out, Bum them out!

Scale and hard water stains - in the bathroom, shower, toilet, or elsewhere - are ugly and tenacious (as in "can't get them off without a jack hammer or selling the house"). They haven't met Scum Bum.

Whether you have a new or older home, inherited the problem, use well water, or are just plain driven to distraction, Scum Bum is a highly effective green cleaner, personally safe cleaner and environmentally friendly cleaner that gently dissolves even the toughest scale, mineral deposits, hard water stains and soap scum. Also removes mold and mildew.

Just spray it on. It won't create noxious fumes or etch or corrode non-porous surfaces. Use Scum Bum anywhere scale and hard water are driving you crazy: showers, tubs, faucets, hot tubs, spas, sinks, swimming pools, even irons and coffee makers. Use it on porcelain, glazed tile, chrome, stainless steel, fiberglass, and plastics. Although we make no medical claims, Scum Bum is used by many chemically sensitive people and is Green Cross Certified.

Safe for septic systems.  Not recommended for use on marble, stone surfaces or colored grout.

Nitrile gloves resist detergents, acids alkalis, solvents, grease and other harsh industrial agents, so they handle household challenges with ease.  These are heavy-duty, 15-mil thick and flock-lined, 13" long, and available in various sizes.

Speed Cleaning Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths last for years and they're easier to clean and sanitize than sponges.  We sell 10's of thousands of these durable, lint-free, washable cleaning cloths each year!  Big enough to throw over your shoulder as you clean around your home.  Once you've tried these you'll never go back to small sponges or costly paper towels.  White cotton with hemmed borders, size is approx. 10" by 22".

Speed Cleaning Microfiber Cleaning/Dusting Cloths are efficient and durable and resistant to bacteria. They're great for dusting and general-use cleaning. The towels are 16" X 16" in size and are produced from microfiber split-fiber fabric with a surface pile designed to grab and hold dirt and dust or absorb liquids. It's a liberating experience to take a Microfiber cleaning cloth, wet it with water only, wring it out and then use it to remove fingerprints, spots on walls, finger and nose prints on sliding glass doors or to clean counter tops, appliances, cabinets, TVs, mirrors, marble, vinyl, leather and many other household surfaces, all without any cleaner.  Throw the Microfiber cloths into the wash when they are soiled, they can be laundered up to 300 times!

The best toilet brush you can find is NOT the most expensive one. We've looked at more bathroom toilet brushes than we care to admit, and we know we've got a winner here. Perfectly contoured, tough yet safe bristles, sleek, extra-long, tapered handle, ergonomic hand grip, durable construction. This baby wasn't just built, it was engineered. 15" long if you include the bristles. 12" handle

A toothbrush is one of the handiest tools we've seen for getting into tight spots fast--around faucet handles, tile grout, nooks and crannies on stove tops, knobs, light switches, molding, etc. Use it in the shower to clean dirt, grime, mold and mildew from grout line.

Our specially-designed "toothbrush" has a solid 7" easy-to-grip plastic handle and extra-thick bristles and an angled neck that protects your knuckles while scrubbing.

Overpower those impossible stains with the Pumice Stick.One of the questions we're asked most often is, "How do I get that ugly ring out of the bathroom toilet bowl?" The answer is a pumice stick. It's remarkable how fast it removes scale, rust, hard water and mineral deposits from porcelain without scratching the surface. Just wet the ring, rub the pumice stick on it gently, and the ring is GONE!Also cleans ovens; removes carbon build-up on grills and iron cookware; removes paint and graffiti from tile, concrete, and masonry walls; and removes scale from swimming pools. Keep several on hand for different tasks throughout the house. 6" x 3/4" x 1-3/4".

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