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Speed Cleaning™ 18" Premium Ostrich Feather Duster (6 Pack)

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Speed Cleaning 18 inch Ostrich Feather Duster.  It has the long, luxurious feathers of the 28" duster but with a SHORT HANDLE perfect for sliding in your back pocket while cleaning.  

Our grandmothers weren't just imagining things. It takes a true ostrich feather duster to really handle dust. Lamb's wool, synthetic materials, or tacky dyed chicken feathers just push the dust around or flip it into the air. Ostrich feathers attract and hold dust until you shake them near the floor for vacuuming up later. Our dusters are made of imported high quality, black ostrich feathers. The soft feathers allow you to cover a lot of territory fast, but they still let you get into tight spots easily. Let's hear it for tradition!

Soft and supple, feathers effectively pull dust away from fine objects, including plants, bottles and glass ornaments.  Feathers are a natural product; some variance in color, length and texture should be expected.

Helpful tips for storing your feather duster.  

Moths are attracted to the feathers so your duster should be stored either with moth balls, cedar chips or some other moth repellent.

Suggestion:  store your duster in a large zip-lock plastic bag.


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