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Speed Cleaning™ Dust Pan - Sturdy, Yet Flexible

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Part Number:4402

Put your brooms to good use with the new Speed Cleaning™ Dust Pan! Our dust pan is built to withstand repeated use in virtually any setting. The design is tough and sturdy, yet still flexible, offering greater versatility of use. In addition, this dust pan has a thin front edge to allow for maximum pick-up and prevents that pesky line of dirt from being left behind after sweeping up. There's also a built-in hanging slot which ensures efficient, space-saving storage when not in use.

Dust Pan specs:

Height: 4 inches

Pan Length: 12 ¼ inches

Pan Width: 12 inches

Check out the Speed Cleaning™ Double Header Broom – the best indoor broom!  Part # 4403

Designed for use in upright and angle sweeping.  Dual handle holes are molded into a one piece block for strength and durability.

Angle hole for sweeping in corners and along baseboards.  Upright hole for sweeping large open areas.

Bristles can be cleaned for longer life.  And, outlasts 4 corn brooms!


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