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Sh-Mop Kit with 3 TERRY Cloth Sh-Wipes

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The Sh-Mop (shine and clean) sh-cleans your sh-floors in record time!

Escape the monotony  of mopping! The Sh-Mop isn't another TV wonder gadget. It's a professionally designed tool with Terry Cloth Sh-Wipes that cleans in a fraction of the time required for standard string or sponge mops.

Our customers love it and our cleaning teams won't live without it. You'll be hooked too! The Sh- Mop starts with a sturdy, extra-long, 8" x 15" plastic base called, what else, a Sh-Base. Unlike ordinary mops, the Sh-Base has a very low profile and pivots in any direction to allow you to quickly and easily clean into corners, along tough angles, and underneath tight spots.  It's covered with a 8" x 15" pad.

Then, a thick, polyester yarn in ground of the Terry Cloth cover for durability (called a Sh-Wipe, of course) slips over this frame. The scrubbing and absorbing properties of a reusable Terry Cloth Sh-Wipes make short work of dirty floors. When one Sh-Wipe gets soiled, just pop it off and pop on a fresh one. The Sh-Mop Kit comes with (1) Versapole, (1) Sh-Mop Base, and  (3) Terry Sh-Wipes to get you started!

  • Use it on walls, windows, ceilings, cabinets.
  • Rugged design lasts and lasts.
  • Large surface area quickly covers more territory than conventional mops.
  • Cleans without streaking.
  • 3 Sh-Wipes included.  Can be machine washed and sanitized after every use. It's like having a new, sparkling clean mop every time you clean.
  • No need for a bucket!
5 Stars
Best Mop Ever
This is the best mop I've ever used and I'm in my late 60s! Wide surface, easy swivel, covers a lot of ground with little effort. Using clean covers ever so often assures a really clean floor. Well worth the money!
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Reviewed by:  from Eastern US. on 8/23/2012
5 Stars
I love the Sh-Mop
This is a great tool for all my bare floors, and sometimes the walls and windows, too. No dirty water to mess with and the large surface means that I cover more territory with each pass. Sometimes, it's a bit too wide, though and I just end up slipping the wipe off and cleaning the smaller areas manually. Great Product!
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Reviewed by:  from Del Rey, CA. on 10/4/2013
5 Stars
LOVE the Sh-Mop
I've used the Sh-Mop for 3 years now and LOVE it. I've got many of the extra Sh-Wipes and use them all thru the house on my wood floors. I've got a screened-in back porch with a concrete floor. Well, it gets pretty dirty here in Florida, especially during the rainy season. I use the Sh-Mop and a clean floor is easy to get.
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Reviewed by:  from Oviedo, FL. on 11/12/2012
5 Stars
Best Cleaning Producet I've Ever Owned
The Sh-Mop is the BEST cleaning product I have ever owned. I have owned mine for about 30 years. Hard to beat that kind of wear. I have, of course, worn out dozens of Sh-Wipes, but they are very good, too. The combination of Sh-Mop, Sh-Wipe, and Sh-Clean has kept my tile, vinyl, and hardwood floors (and plain flat cabinet doors) clean in 3 homes. I give them as gifts to everyone I know who gets a new floor or a new house.
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Reviewed by:  from Helena, MT. on 2/11/2013
5 Stars
If.they ever.stop making this product, I'm going to be extremely upset. It is a fantastic cleaning tool for all floors and walls. It cuts through the dirt quickly and easily. The attached cleaning surface and pad covers a large area. The Terrycloth covers are so great. They are reusable. They are also versatile because you can also use them like a rag for spot cleaning. You will not regret purchasing this mop. Get the original and not a Swiffer!
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Reviewed by:  from New York City. on 9/10/2016
5 Stars
We bought the Sh-Mop Kit to replace our traditional mops throughout out company and it works great!! All my cleaning techs move this mop and the ease of use and the way that it cleans off even the most stubborn stuff stuck on the floors.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 8/12/2021
5 Stars
I searched and searched some more to find the best mop out there. I do not know how I stumbled upon the Clean Team, but it was back when there was only catalog shopping, no website. I ordered this sh-mop and never looked back. I feel it gets my floors cleaner than any other mop out there. I just plain like the system! Filling up my sink with water and a little bit of cleaner and dropping in my sh-wipes and wrapping them around the base and mopping my floors takes way less effort and way more efficient than using a wring mop and a bucket of water, which only makes the water get dirty as you go along. Plus how easy it is to wash the sh-wipes in the washing machine. I highly recommend this sh-mop!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NEWTOWN. on 2/4/2020
5 Stars
My Favorite Mop
This is my favorite mop! I love the durability, as well as the fact that it is reusable and doesn't create waste! The large surface area is wonderful.
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Reviewed by:  from Bellingham,WA . on 2/28/2017
5 Stars
First time user
As a long time speed cleaning user, I never actually bought the actual products, thinking I would save some money. Alas, I was sooo wrong. I have thrown out so many Sh-mop wannabes that didn’t leave the floors clean enough. I have had the Sh-mop for a few weeks and it is a game changer! Would definitely recommend getting more bonnets, since the mop gets up a lot of stuff!
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Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. on 8/3/2022
5 Stars
this works great on my wood floors. the cloths scrub the floor easily and its very well made
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from weed. on 12/4/2019
4 Stars
I've had my Sh-Mop for years and it still works great. It's so easy to just throw the Sh-wipes in the wash and always have a clean one ready to go.
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Reviewed by:  from Casselberry. on 6/20/2019


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