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"Red, White & Blue" Cleaning Special!

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An exceptional Cleaning Trio! The products you need to tackle the majority of household cleaning chores, including two blue sprayers.

First, Red Juice is environmental perfection! Ingredients include seaweed and soybean extracts, palm kernels, palm oils. Absolutely NO petrochemicals (unlike many leading brands in the "green cleaning" space). It's also USDA A-1 rated for use around food! Red Juice is tough on grime, yet non-toxic, odor-free, biodegradable and pH neutral (making it safe on marble, granite, and other natural stone surfaces). It includes a degreaser made from seaweed extract, not petro-chemicals.

Then Blue Juice, the "EC" (Environmentally Correct) choice for glass. Move over "you-know-who." We've got a better glass cleaner working here. Blue Juice is our light duty liquid cleaner that's fast and effective on glass, mirrors, and polished metals. Like Red Juice, Blue Juice also meets or exceeds all EPA or FDA requirements to be categorized as a non toxic, odor free, environmentally friendly, personally safe, biodegradable, unscented, all natural, safe GREEN CLEANER. Just spray and wipe--but do yourself a big favor: wipe with cotton Cleaning Cloths. Forget messy newspaper and expensive paper towels! It cleans, wipes off easily, and won't promote streaking. 

Finally, Pro Scrub, a hard-working liquid scrubbing cleanser that doesn't scratch surfaces. Pro Scrub and other liquid scrubbing cleansers are great for making short work of dirt and grime on kitchen and bathroom porcelain. They're convenient, they clean well, and they rinse easily - but most of the others scratch the porcelain. That's because they contain abrasive silica, which is actually a form of sand! This mild abrasive cuts through grime, but unlike the silica found in other liquid (and powdered) cleaners, it doesn't scratch. So leave the sand at the beach. With Pro Scrub you can rub-a-dub without scratching the tub.


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