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Microfiber Wet Mop Replacement Pads (3 Pack)

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Just one Great Tool is both a wet mop AND a dust mop.

Not only does the size of this mop (base a full 16" in length) mean that it covers a lot of floor quickly; but whether you're using the wet pad or the dust mop pad, Microfiber mops move more smoothly and easily over the floors. It weighs less than conventional mops so it's less likely to cause back problems. Microfiber pads require less scrubbing and therefore less exertion. The pads are washable so you have a freshly laundered, clean smelling, germ-and bacteria-free mop each time you use it. The pads can be washed hundreds of times. The base effortlessly pivots into corners and baseboards to clean. It uses far less, or even no cleaning chemicals at all. Finally, it also converts from a wet mop to a dust mop in an instant! What more could we want from a cleaning implement!

Includes: 3-Pack of Microfiber Wet Replacement Pads - 20"


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