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Microfiber Static Duster w/ Adjustable Handle 28" - 40"

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You'll love these colorful Microfiber Static Dusters!  

They're produced with blended synthetic fibers and include a plastic extension handle that allows the product to extend from 28" to 40" in length. The head can be bent around objects for better cleaning. Perfect for tight cleaning areas like blinds and keyboards where the soft fibers can attract the dust without scratching or damaging the surface. With the Microfiber filament these dusters grab and hold dust far better than traditional static dusters. 

Hand wash the duster with Red Juice or in the sink with warm water and dish washing soap.  Soak the duster for q few minutes and then swish it around to loosen the accumulated dust and dirt.  Repeat if necessary.  Rinse thoroughly, squeeze excess water and allow it to air-dry.  Microfiber loves to grab dirt and hang on to it so that is why it is a little hard to clean.


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