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Microfiber Sh-Mop Kits for PROS (3 pack)

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The Sh-Mop (shine & mop) sh-cleans your sh-floors in record time.

Escape the tedium of mopping! The Sh-Mop isn't another TV wonder gadget. It's a professionally designed tool with yellow Micro Fiber Sh-Wipes that cleans in a fraction of the time required for standard string or sponge mops.

Our customers love it and our cleaning teams won't live without it. You'll be hooked too. The Sh Mop starts with a sturdy, extra-big, 8" x 15" plastic base called, what else, a Sh-Base. Unlike ordinary mops, the Sh-Base has a very low profile and pivots in any direction to allow you to quickly and easily clean into corners, along tough angles, and underneath tight spots.  It's covered with a replaceable 8" x 15" foam pad.

Then, a thick, yellow Micro Fiber cover (called a Sh-Wipe, of course) slips over this frame. The scrubbing and absorbing properties of reusable micro fiber Sh-Wipes make short work of dirty floors. When one Sh-Wipe gets soiled, just pop it off and pop on a fresh one. The Sh-Mop comes with 3 Replacement Sh-Wipes to get you started.

  • Versapole  light weight aluminum extends 29" to 50", US Standard ACME 5/8" Thread.
  • Use it on walls, windows, ceilings, cabinets.
  • Rugged design lasts and lasts.
  • Large surface area quickly covers more territory than conventional mops.
  • Cleans without streaking.
  • Sh-Wipes can be machine washed and sanitized after every use. It's like having a new, sparkling clean mop every time you clean.


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