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"I'm Learning and Speed Cleaning™" DELUXE KID'S KIT

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At Speed Cleaning, we know that it's important for home-schooled or distance-learning kids to have a clean, uncluttered workspace for productivity, focus, and success. With that in mind, we’ve created a cleaning kit catered just for your kids! We believe that it’s never too early to learn our tips and tricks for keeping a space clean and distraction free.

Our Deluxe Kit includes our two favorite non-toxic, kid-friendly cleaners, Red Juice and Blue Juice. They're perfect for keeping your scholar’s workspace clean and dust-free, to safely clean their computer monitors and to help keep their dry erase boards and chalkboards clear of any stubborn stains so they always have a “clean slate’ to work with. We’ve also included a copy of our highly acclaimed Speed Cleaning book by Jeff Campbell so you and your kids can learn the tips and tricks the Pros use.

A kit wouldn’t be complete without something to carry it all in! So, we’re including a Speed Cleaning apron to hold all of the supplies included in the kit. It can also double as a great arts and crafts apron, waiter/waitress apron for imaginary play, vessel for collecting rocks and sticks on nature walks and so much more!

14 items in all at a crazy price! We want to help set you and your family up for a successful school year!

"I'm Learning and Speed Cleaning Deluxe Kid's Kit" includes: (Sorry currently no substitutes)

  • Speed Cleaning Green Apron (SMALL)
  • Two Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (safe for screens and tablets)
  • Two Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths
  • Red Juice 16 oz. Ready-To-Use
  • Blue Juice 16 oz. Ready-To-Use 
  • 2 Apron Tools - Plastic Scraper and Professional White Toothbrush
  • Whisk Broom (perfect for sweeping away crumbs and pencil shavings)
  • Mini Grout Brush
  • White Scouring Pad
  • Microfiber Static Duster - extends up to 40"
  • A soft-copy of Jeff Campbell's "Speed Cleaning" Book
  • (PC not included in the promo, in case you were wondering!)

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